Want An Outdoor Storage Unit? 3 Ways To Protect Your Belongings

A storage unit can solve your storage problems when you run out of space at home. While an indoor unit may come with temperature and humidity control, you may be most interested in an outdoor unit for various reasons. So, you want to learn about several ways to protect your belongings once you gain access to the unit and are ready to put items inside.

Pest Control

Buildings make it easier to implement pest control solutions because a facility can use preventive measures at all the building entrances. However, an outdoor unit often means that your specific unit will need to be serviced to ensure protection against most pests. While some facilities provide this service to paying customers, you may be able to find add-on services.

Maximizing protection against all pests is smart because you want to keep mice, insects, and rats from getting into your storage unit and causing damage to your belongings.

Pallet Racks

Before storing items, you may want to invest in pallet racks. A smart move is to pick up plastic ones and place them around your storage unit to place things on top. Putting furniture, boxes, and oversized items on top will help you maximize protection. This setup ensures that your belongings are protected from water if any were to puddle up inside.

While a wooden pallet can begin to crack and warp from prolonged water exposure, you can feel confident about a plastic pallet holding up. This protective strategy can give you peace of mind when you do not intend on accessing your storage unit often after filling it to capacity.

Dry Items

An outdoor storage unit will not have the temperature and humidity control you can get with a unit in a climate-controlled building. Ideally, you want items to be completely dry before putting them in storage because a bit of moisture in high humidity conditions can cause issues.

When you store items on a rainy day, you can bring along several dry towels to help dry items off. A great strategy is transporting each box or item to the storage unit and then drying it off using a towel. You can move on to the next towel once the first one feels damp and heavy.

Using an outdoor storage unit may appeal to you for multiple reasons, such as parking right outside the unit for quick and easy access. Using these strategies and tips will help you maximize protection when putting items into storage and while they are being stored.

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