5 Items That Warrant A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

When it comes to putting your items into storage, you can put them into a regular storage unit, which typically has the climate of a garage, or you can put your items into a climate-controlled storage unit. Climate-controlled units cost more per month than their regular counterparts, but they also provide the perfect storage climate for a number of items.


You may take your cellphone everywhere with you, but that doesn't mean that all of your electronics are as sturdy as you think they are. Electronics are made out of sensitive internal components that can easily get damaged when they are exposed to humidity and extreme heat, which is why you should invest in a climate-controlled storage unit if you want to store your gaming system, computer, television, or other assortments of electronic items in your storage unit.


Artwork is something that is handmade, and as it is handmade, if you want it to last for a long time, you are going to want to ensure that you take proper care of it. Artwork can easily get damaged by humidity, depending upon the materials used to create the artwork. The artwork also needs to be properly wrapped and stored to ensure that it doesn't degrade or fade while it is in storage.


If you have spent decades building up your wardrobe, you will want to do what you can to protect your wardrobe. You will want to keep your clothing as safe as possible by mimicking the interior conditions of your closet. You can further protect your clothing by not storing it in loose plastic bags and instead invest in sturdy plastic bins to protect your clothing or an enclosed portable wardrobe.

Music Instruments

Music instruments can be considered their own work of art. It takes true craftsmanship to create a musical instrument, and if you want your musical instrument to last, you will need to invest in the proper storage space for your instrument. You are going to need to put them somewhere where humidity and temperature changes will not significantly impact them. Wood instruments can warp with exposure to temperature changes. Metal parts on music instruments can become rusty with exposure to temperature changes.


Almost all types of furniture are better off when stored inside a climate-controlled storage unit. Wood can warp when exposed to humidity. Leather can dry out or crack without the right temperature exposure. Upholstery can easily get mildew and become musty. If you want to enjoy your furniture after its stint in storage, it needs to be kept in a controlled environment that will protect it from damage.

When it comes to putting your items in storage, if you want them to be safe and come out undamaged, you will want to invest in a climate-controlled storage unit. They are perfect for storing electronics, artwork, clothing, music instruments, and furniture. Keep these tips in mind when looking for secure self-storage facilities near you.

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