What Is The Difference Between Industrial Shelving And Regular Shelving?

If you are looking for organization options that will work well for your factory or warehouse, then you might be interested in purchasing shelving units. After all, as you probably already know, shelving units can be great for storing merchandise, equipment, supplies, and so much more. You might be aware that industrial shelving exists, but you might not be sure of whether or not you actually need to purchase shelving that is designed for industrial purposes. There are some differences between industrial shelving and other types of shelving, though, such as the things listed below.

It Meets Certain Guidelines

There are stricter guidelines that you have to abide by when running an industrial business. Industrial shelving is typically designed to meet all of these regulations and guidelines so you can avoid getting in any trouble for using your shelving units in your facility. Of course, you should make sure that you are aware of the industry standards and regulations that you are required to meet, and you should make sure that you are in compliance with them when purchasing and installing shelving of any type.

It's More Durable

One of the biggest differences that you will see between industrial shelving and other types of shelving is that industrial shelving is typically a lot more durable. It's built to withstand constant use, and some types of industrial shelving can even handle minor forklift accidents and other potentially damaging incidents. If you want your shelving to hold up well in a busy, fast-paced industrial environment, you will probably want to choose industrial shelving.

It's Easier to Clean

Keeping your warehouse or factory nice and clean is important, so it's important to choose shelving that can withstand regular cleaning with industrial-grade chemicals. Industrial shelving is typically made from heavy-duty materials and is typically finished in a way that makes it much easier for you to clean.

It Can Handle Bigger and Heavier Loads

Of course, how much weight your industrial shelving is able to handle will depend on the specific shelving units that you purchase. Overall, though, industrial shelving is typically quite a bit larger than shelving units that are designed for use in residential or commercial settings, so it can typically hold bigger items. Additionally, industrial shelving units are typically a lot stronger, meaning that they can typically handle higher amounts of weight.

As you can see, industrial shelving is a bit different from other types of shelving that you might find. Because of this, if you are looking for shelving for an industrial facility, you will probably want to specifically look for industrial-grade shelving. In the long run, you will probably be happy with your decision. For more info, go online to see what is available. 

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