Never Used A Storage Container? Know What You Can Expect

Have you decided to rent a storage pod in order to get rid of some of the things in your home? If so, it will help to know what you can expect by using this alternative to a self-storage unit. 

Pick The Container

Everything starts with picking the container that best fits your needs. There will be a variety of different containers, with the specifications of length, width, and height listed. This may be important to you if you have oversized items that you are looking to store in the container. There are usually recommendations of how many typical rooms will fit inside each container so that you know what will fit inside. If you end up running out of space, know that you can always order an additional container.

Pick The Delivery Location

While the size of the container itself is clearly specified, check to see what sort of clearance is needed around the storage container for when you pick your location. Be aware that the equipment used to move the container into position is going to be a few feet wider and taller than the container itself. Most people use their driveway because there is plenty of room on each side already, and storage pods are typically no wider than your driveway. If you are putting the container on the lawn, make sure that the area does not have any sprinkler heads or shrubs that could get in the way or become damaged.

Order The Container

You'll want to make sure that all of the information in the contract is correct. It should include things such as the address where the storage container will be delivered, the placement on your property of the container, the delivery date, and the scheduled pickup date. There will also be contact information that you should verify as well. Make sure that the phone number is correct, since you may need to be contacted if you are not home at the time of the delivery. 

Lock The Container

When you're finished filling the pod, make sure that the container is locked and ready to go before your pickup date. The storage container company may not pick up the container if it does not have a lock on it, and there is a risk of someone breaking into the storage container as it sits on your property unmonitored. Now your storage container is ready to be picked up until you need it again.

If you are looking to rent a storage container, contact a company near you.

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