RV Storage Tips To Keep Your Camping Trailer Safe And Protected

Owning a travel trailer or motor home provides you with a great opportunity to travel, camp, and see beautiful scenery with some conveniences like home. But you may not always have time to use your RV full-time and will need to put it into an RV storage. Here are some recommendations to help you store your RV during the off-season and have it ready to use for your next adventure.

Find a Secure Location

One of the main tasks when you plan to store your RV is to find a safe and secure location. You can park it in your backyard or a neighbor's lot, but don't park it in an area of tall weeds or grass because this can increase the chance of pests getting into your RV. Be sure you lock up your RV and any storage compartments are emptied of valuables. Then, if you are storing a trailer, secure the trailer hitch with a hitch lock or similar device to prevent someone from hauling your trailer away.

Another option would be to park it in an RV storage facility. There are many storage facilities that provide gated access, video surveillance, and often someone always on the property. A storage stall that provides a cover will help keep the snow, rain, ice, and debris from falling on your RV's roof and will help keep it in good shape. If security is important to you then looking into rv storage units is worth the investment.

Clean It Out

Another important part of storing your RV is to remove any items from inside your RV that will go bad. Any food perishables that you don't want to freeze or get excessively hot, which is most food items, you should remove from your RV. This also reduces the risk of mice making a home in your RV because it removes the food source from your trailer.

You should also clean out the fridge and freezer by wiping them down with a cleaning solution. Then, prop open the doors to these appliances to keep the interior from collecting bad odors. Wipe down any cupboards and floors of any crumbs as well to reduce mouse problems. Don't forget to clean out the black and grey tanks as well as removing any soap and hard water residues from the shower and sinks. This will help make your RV clean and ready to use for next season.

As a last step and as part of cleaning it out you should properly winterize your RV or trailer when you will be storing it during colder months when the temperature falls below freezing.

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