How To Safely Store a TV

Putting a television into a storage facility may be the right call if you are currently remodeling or renovating your home, or if you want to put it and other fragile appliances within a storage unit while moving to ensure that they won't be damaged by other items while in transit. However, simply placing your television into a storage unit is not enough to protect it from damage. There are a few things that you should do to ensure that your TV is protected while sitting idle so that you can turn it on without worry when you eventually take it out again.


The first thing that you should do is clean the screen of any dust and dirt that may be stuck on it. A microfiber rag is the best course of action; avoid using glass or any other type of specialized liquid cleaners. This ensures that dust and other contaminants which may be stuck on the screen do not end up scratching it, which can ruin the picture of your screen.


If you still have the original box that your television came in, use that to pack it up. This ensure that there is no extra space that your TV can shift around in and damage itself, and also clearly indicates what is actually stored in the box – which is necessary if you are storing multiple belongings in your storage unit. If not, you can wrap the TV in a moving blanket or something similarly soft (avoid plastic, which can scratch the screen) and put the TV into a box that fits it as well as possible, filling in any extra space with additional blankets as you see fit.

Proper Storage

Finally, once you move your packed TV into the storage unit, you should make sure to keep it standing upright. A television that is allowed to sit horizontally runs the risk of suffering cracks or other physical damage if things fall onto it, or can simply bend out of shape over a long enough period of time. Further, make sure that the box is supported in such a way that it will not shift or fall over. Keeping it held in place with boxes of clothes or other relatively sturdy items is a good way to do so.

Climate Control

Finally, the last thing that you should consider, especially if you are storing multiple electronics in a single storage unit, is potentially investing in a climate controlled storage unit. These units regulate their humidity levels, reducing the risk of moisture damage affecting your television.

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