Looking For A Storage Unit? Prioritize A Few Complimentary Offerings

When you determine that you need to rent a storage unit, you may begin to look around. In most situations, you will find storage companies with similar offerings in terms of unit sizes. This can make it a little challenging to determine which one you want to use for long-term storage.

An effective way to narrow down your search is to focus on the complimentary offerings. You can find storage companies that will do everything they can to provide their customers with a positive experience and one way that they can accomplish this goal is through their offerings.

Filtered Water

Moving items into or out of a storage unit is a tiring process. Even if you are only moving items around for an hour or two, you need to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water. Some storage companies will provide their customers with unlimited access to filtered drinking water. An even better situation is when you are able to get your hands on ice-cold water while you are there.

This complimentary offering will make it easy to stay comfortable and hydrated whenever you bring items to your storage unit, organize the inside, or remove belongings.


While you are going back and forth from your home to put items into storage, you may not have any issues with using your own bathroom. But, you may also intend on visiting the storage unit to go through all your possessions and organize everything on occasion. This is when you will benefit from using a storage facility that has restrooms that you can use at any time.


Going to a local home improvement or hardware store and picking up a padlock to use for your storage unit is not that challenging, but you cannot go wrong with getting a free lock from a storage company. This will keep you from having to go shopping before you sign the lease for a storage unit because they will provide you with a padlock that you can start using immediately.


When you put items into self-storage units, you may intend on safekeeping photos or important documents. If you want to further protect these items, you can make use of a storage facility with photocopying machines that you can use to make duplicates of documents and photos.

By looking beyond storage facility locations and unit sizes, you can find several complimentary offerings worth prioritizing that can help you have a positive experience. 

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