Seasonal Home Decorations – Get Organized With Your Storage

If you love decorating your home with each changing season, you probably know the struggles of keeping all of those seasonal decorations organized, out of the way and in good condition. It isn't always easy to find the space that you need to keep all of the silk flowers, candles, lights and other decorations. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you keep up with the organization and storage to make decorating your home less of a struggle.

Take Inventory of your Collection

Knowing exactly what you have in your home decorating collection is an essential step in getting organized. When was the last time that you went through all of the boxes, bins and bags of decorations you have stashed? It is quite possible that you are holding onto stuff that you haven't used and might not ever use.

Go through each box, bin and bag one by one. You can get this done over time by just doing one box, bin or bag each day. Start a box of things that you don't use that you can donate, sell or give away. Downsizing the collection will make the next steps easier.

Pack Properly

The way that you pack up your seasonal decorations will play a big role in how long they last and how much time you have to spend primping the flowers and stuff as you decorate for the new season. Instead of just tossing it all in a box, bin or bag, take some time to pack things up right.

For silk flower arrangements, find smaller boxes that you can fit the arrangement in without squishing it up. If you stuff multiple arrangements in a single box, you could find that they become discolored and oftentimes misshaped.

If you have strings of lights, don't just wrap them up. Instead, get a small sheet of cardboard and wrap the lights around the box. You can use this technique for any kind of garland and vines that you may have. The goal is to prevent things from getting tangled up while being stored.

Store it All

If you've lost your guest room because you have too many decorations stored there, consider leasing a small household storage unit. Having a place to take and store your decorations will free up lots of space in your home. If you are storing candles and other types of decorations that could melt in extreme heat, consider a storage unit that is climate controlled. This will limit exposure to high and low temperatures as well as moisture.

Get started with the organization process today and when the time comes to change your decorations, you'll quickly be able to grab what you need and get to it.

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