Did A Relative With A Storage Unit Recently Pass Away? Know What To Do

Dealing with someone's assets after they pass away is always a difficult situation. It becomes more complicated when you need to figure out how to gain access to belongings that are secure, such as what is inside a storage unit. Here is what you need to know about dealing with assets left behind in personal self storage.

Know Your State Laws

The first thing you should do is find out what the state laws are regarding the storage unit of someone that is now deceased. Some states require that the storage unit is sealed, not allowing access unless a court gives an order to open the unit to a specific person.

Some states allow people to go through a storage unit if they legally have a way to access the storage unit. For instance, the deceased may have left the combination or key to the storage unit in their will. This is common in situations where you do not need someone from the storage facility to let you into the storage unit.

Keep Making Payments

One thing to keep in mind, especially in situations where you are waiting to get access, is that you must still continue to pay any costs related to renting the storage unit. This will prevent the owners of the storage unit from taking control of the storage unit as a way to recover non-payment. Your goal should be to empty the storage unit as quickly as possible, but realize that may not happen in some situations.

Know How To Gain Access

When you do not have access to the storage unit through a combination or key, you'll want to work with the storage facility to gain access if you are legally allowed to. It starts with getting the storage facility the deceased's death certificate to prove that they have passed away. You will also need to get an official court order in states that require it.

The storage unit facility owner should then give you access to your loved one's storage unit, and you can decide to take over the rental costs or empty out the unit and close it. You may be required to pay any previously owed bills for overdue rent in order to get access. If it will take a while to get a court order, make the storage facility aware of the situation so that they can work with you and avoid foreclosing the unit. Contact a facility, like Stadium Storage, for more help.

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