How To Prepare A Motorcycle For Winter Storage

Motorcycles are an exciting and fast way to get around, but they are not winter driving vehicles. During the winter months, it is a good idea to put your motorcycle into self-storage to free up space in your garage and to ensure that it does not become damaged due to exposure to the winter elements. However, you need to properly winterize your motorcycle before you put it into a storage unit to prevent any sort of damage or deterioration while it is not being used.


The first thing that you should do while prepping your motorcycle for storage is to clean it off. This removes any dirt or other materials which may be caked on and can hold on to moisture and cause rust to develop. You may also want to wax and polish your bike to provide a protective layer against condensation and dust which can build up while in storage.

Fluid Levels

Next, you should perform general maintenance to the rest of your bike's systems. You should replace the oil, coolant, and brake fluid before moving your bike into storage, as fresh fluids will attract less moisture and ensure that your bike will be able to resist lower temperatures without those same fluids freezing. You should also consider adding fuel stabilizer into the gas tank of your bike to ensure that the fuel won't break down, as deteriorating fuel can cause rust to develop in the gas tank.

Plug in the Battery

You should purchase a trickle charger, which is sometimes also referred to as a battery maintainer and can be found at most hardware and automotive stores. These types of chargers provide a low charge constantly to your motorcycle battery, which keeps the battery topped up without burning it out. If your storage unit does not have an outlet for the charger, you may want to consider disconnecting the battery and leaving it at your house where it can be kept in good condition instead.

The Right Unit

Finally, once your bike is completely ready for storage, you need to consider which storage unit is the best fit for your bike. Look at the security features offered by the facility, such as cameras and locks, as well as any other features that may help keep your bike in good condition, such as climate control capabilities, which can reduce overall moisture levels in the unit and keep rust from developing on your motorcycle.

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