Saving Space And Being Better Organized Inside Your RV

Taking trips with your family and a recreational vehicle can offer many special experiences. However, it's sometimes hard to have enough storage and things can seem disorganized unless you've got some space-saving suggestions. Use the ideas below so that it's easier to get around in the RV and have a good time.

Create a Cloth Headboard with Pockets

A simple way to give yourself more room in the RV is to create a makeshift headboard made of window curtain panels or decorative fabric and place pockets on it. If the head of your RV bed is against a small window, you can simply use the curtain you've already chosen. Once the "headboard" is there, you can attach various matching complementary fabric rectangles and squares and sew them to the original panel. That will give you storage for reading glasses, magazines, toothbrushes and other small items without using up precious floor space.

Use Magnetic Strips

When cooking inside the RV, cluttering up the space is easy when all the cutlery is out and spice jars are laying on the counter. Using wall space to better organize seems like a necessary choice, but installing shelves may not be something you're ready to do. Instead, you can use heavy duty magnetic strips. These strips don't poke out of the wall and take too much space when they're not being used, but cutlery and other metal items can be put there if you need to use the counter for prep and other things.

Install Drawers Under Seating and Table

If you have decided to go ahead and upgrade your RV to make more storage space, one project that can provide a great deal of additional storage is to make use of the space underneath the table benches. In particular, roll-out drawers can be constructed so that tablecloths, towels, paper plates and other items can be stashed underneath the benches you sit on. Because they're on a rolling track, it's very easy to put them out of seat when not in use. If you like the way the drawers turn out, you may be able to put a small one underneath the table itself; just be careful that it doesn't interfere with legroom beneath the surface.

With these suggestions, your RV is likely to be much better organized and comfortable to travel in. To get an idea of how you might be able to increase RV storage space or better organize your belongings, chat with other RV owners or consult RV retailers that can send you in the right direction. Click for more info on RV storage.

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