The Advantages Of Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage is a specialized type of self-storage that, like its name would suggest, provides you with a greater amount of control over the temperature and humidity levels of your storage unit. Because of this distinct amount of customization, climate controlled storage units provide a number of unique benefits. Understanding what climate controlled storage units have to offer can help you decide whether they are the right fit for your storage needs.


The most obvious benefit of renting out a climate controlled storage unit is the fact that it protects the items within it from a wide variety of different factors. First and most notable, soft and organic materials, like upholstery and newspapers, will be protected from mold and mildew growth as you can regulate the humidity levels of the unit. Further, metal items will be protected from potential rust and corrosion, which is a huge advantage for long term storage. Additionally, by maintaining a constant temperature level within your unit, you can help protect your items from splitting or warping due to temperature fluctuations. This is an especially important consideration for pieces of wooden furniture and antiques.


One of the most important benefits that a climate controlled storage unit provides your stored items is the fact that their air flow is filtered through the central heating and air conditioning units for the entire facility. This means that the overall air quality will be higher in a climate controlled storage unit when compared to a traditional unit, resulting in a smaller amount of dirt and dust that collects on your items over time. This makes climate controlled storage units much better for long term storage, especially for items like clothes and upholstered furniture which can hold onto and be discolored by dirt and other contaminants very easily


One of the key considerations associated with climate controlled storage units is the fact that they are often located in areas of the storage facility that are more secure. This is because climate controlled units have to be insulated fairly well, and will always be on the interior of a storage facility, usually behind another locked door or gate. This means that your storage unit is not as easily accessible and may be closer to cameras and security offices depending on the actual layout of the storage facility. This can help reduce the risk of theft.

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