Four Decisions To Make Before Sharing A Storage Unit With A Friend

It's possible to lower the costs of a storage unit by sharing storage place with a friend. this works best if both of you only have a few things to store and neither of you can fill a storage unit on your own. However, before you go down that road, you have these few decisions to make:

The Name to Put on the Contract

Some storage facilities do not allow more than one name on the contract. This is to avoid potential complications that may arise when two people sign the contract and later disagree on storage-related issues. A storage facility, for example, wouldn't want you to blame them if your storage-buddy takes your things out of the unit without your permission.

Therefore, decide whose name will be on the contract, and don't forget that they will be legally responsible for everything that happens within the unit. This means you should double-check that the person you wish to share the unit with is responsible. You don't want to be held responsible for the illegal things your buddy may decide to do in your storage unit.

How to Share the Space

It's unlikely that both of you will have the exact number or volume of items to store; one of you is likely to have more items (in terms of occupied space) than the other. Therefore, you need to decide from the outset how you will share the available space. Is it a fifty-fifty thing, or will you operate on a first-come, first serve basis? Clarify the sharing formula so that you don't arrive at the unit with additional storage items only to realize that your buddy has taken two-thirds of the space.

Rules for Using the Storage Unit

It's also a good idea to draft a few general rules for using the storage unit. For example, you may decide that both of you have to be present for any retrieval (especially if you are storing fragile or expensive items). You can also decide on what to store and which temperature (in a climate-controlled unit) is best for your items.

Work Out the Payment Plan

Lastly, you also need to work out a plan for sharing the storage fees. For example, you may decide to share the costs according to the space you have allocated for each person. Don't assume that you are going with a fifty-fifty formula; what if your buddy thinks you need to pay a higher percentage because your items are more valuable?

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